Home Fitness

There are endless resources available to get a quality home workout. From P90x to Hip Hop Abs the internet offers a wide range of workout possibilities. I have included a couple links that I recently came across. One is a link to Arnold Schwarzenegger's home workout recommendations as well as a story by Channel 3 regarding W.M.U. offering free online fitness classes. At the bottom of this page I have attached a word document with links to two American Heart Association articles about exercise heart rate. It shows you how to calculate it and what your target zone is. If you have been active, you can work more in the higher end of that target zone. If you are just getting started, stay towards the lower end and increase when you are comfortable. 

High School Virtual Physical Education Challenge: Log 30-60 minutes in your target zone per day.

Have fun! Stay active! See you soon!

Pete Schermerhorn,
Mar 30, 2020, 12:56 PM